Tips to Improve Your Roll Over Techniques

Tips to Improve Your Roll Over Techniques

If you have been trying to complete rollover and failing at it, do not lose your heart but rather keep trying. With Pilates classes in Dubai and the tips provided, you can easily learn to roll over. It is one of the trickiest yet complex exercises and involves a major portion of your spinal movement and core which with time becomes a healing process that is a determined goal. The process of rollover calms the nervous system and aids in healthier sleeping patterns at night.

But before rolling over, know about the factors that can improve it, like better functionality of the spine. If it lacks the need for mobility, then do not go rough on it; take it slowly and keep practicing bridges to generate mobility for your spine. Remember, you need to develop this flexibility even though every rollover has different varieties. Let’s look at a few tips to improve the rollover with a bridge.

Your feet need to be lightly placed against the floor as the pelvis rises off your feet and legs as this engages every portion of the spine. Other than this, one must also engage their abdominal muscles for a smooth rollover. Straightening core muscles is a large part of rollovers and keeps you on the right track. The Pelvic rock keeps your core in check with spine movement when you perform bridges.

To successfully attain rollover, you need to start with small steps as rolling over involves a great deal of flexibility and cannot be achieved in one go unless the performing individual is fit and in the best shape. It is advised to start with small exercises and develop the habit for your muscles to avoid any injury. Here are the three best exercises one must practice to improve the roll-over Pilates exercise.

Pelvic Tilt

While performing pelvic tilt, remember to keep your feet lightly on the ground and not keep hold as your core must work through your abdomen region. While this exercise exhales while rocking, perform your pelvis upwards towards your ribs and then breathe in and while you rock your pelvis down, creating a curve in the lower back.


The pelvic tilt is the base for bridge exercise, and here the individual has to roll up their spine upwards and put their hands straight in the air and with leg position at 90 degrees. While coming back to the original pose, remember to exhale.



Corkscrew is a lower-body exercise just as above two and is purely performed by the legs and lower abdominal activity in a circular motion.

In Conclusion

If an individual masters these three positions, then rolling over can be done easily. With proper guidance at your Pilates classes in Dubai, this form can be learned with ease.

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