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Stamina11 is a professional gymnastics club based in Dubai that offers a range of classes at all levels, from toddlers to adults. Operating out of our state-of-the-art gymnastics club in Dubai Studio City, we focus on both the fun and fitness element of artistic gymnastics and other physical activities such as yoga, pilates, tumbling, and martial arts. With spring-loaded floors and apparatus’ ranging from balance beams, bars, rings, and foam pits, we are fully equipped to cater to the needs of everyone. Our goal is to help gymnasts, whether young or old, achieve their full potential through exceptional gymnastics coaching and management, in a child-friendly and professional environment.

Apart from being just another gymnastics club, we consider ourselves as a family club, where gymnasts and parents are an integral pillar within the organization. Each member of our coaching team is experienced in their domain, nationally accredited, and, more importantly, passionate about what they do. To know more about our artistic gymnastics classes in Dubai, send us an inquiry today!


Our Classes


Gymnastics for Kids

We strongly believe that gymnastics can give young children and teenagers a positive focus in life and enrich them with useful life skills that they can take forward into adulthood. Our gymnastics classes for kids are suitable for those between the ages of 3-18.

Gymnastics for Adults

At Stamina11, we provide a unique opportunity for anyone aged 18 and above to try out or return to gymnastics. We provide our classes in a laid-back and supportive environment with professional trainers to assist you at all times.

Pilates Classes

From beginners pilates mat classes, to advanced one to one pilates, we deliver innovative and focused, results driven classes that will improve your strength, coordination, and mobility. Our pilates classes are open to both children and adults of all ages.

Dance Mania

Not only is dancing fun but if practiced in the right way it can act as a vigorous exercise that can help to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Whether it be kids or adults, dance mania is open to people of all ages and fitness levels.

Yoga Classes

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, through our yoga and stress reduction classes, we seek to educate and inspire individuals of all ages to lead more vibrant, energized, and emotionally aware lives.

Core Development

Core development and full body alignment training can help to curb daily stress levels, relieve muscular pain, improve sleep, and enhance feelings of wellness and vitality. We provide customized training programs based on the individuals’ fitness levels.

Toddler Gym

Our toddler training program is designed to provide a strong foundation for your baby’s natural development. The program focuses on developing strong, supple joints, and muscles which your child will rely on for the rest of its life.

Martial Arts for Kids

Equip your children with the confidence and necessary life skills to achieve their potential through our kids’ martial arts classes in Dubai. Our training programs are split into different group based on the age and ability of the child.

A Sneak Peek at Our Studio Facilities

Why Do You Need Gymnastics?

Improves Health

Like any other sports activity, gymnastics offers plenty of physical benefits. Not only is it a great way to keep yourself healthy and active, but it also minimizes the risk of illnesses such as obesity and diabetes that come as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle.


Apart from its obvious health benefits, gymnastics is one such physical activity that instills in its practitioners a sense of self-discipline. Whether it be kids or adults, our gymnastics classes in Dubai can help people to improve on their listening skills, be mindful of others, and demonstrate patience at all times.

Improves Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive skills refer to one’s ability to identify and acquire environment information and integrate them with existing knowledge. Kids, in particular, can significantly improve their cognitive skills in an environment that includes both the body and mind.

Body Conditioning

Artistic gymnastics can help in core conditioning and can improve key physical attributes, including muscular endurance, speed, and strength. It also helps to improve the quality of your sleep, fights depression, and effectively aids weight loss.

Develop Social Skills

Our gymnastics classes facilitate an environment in which one can develop their social skills, make new friends, and learn how to respect others. Regular gymnastics training can also help in developing a strong mindset to handle all physical and emotional challenges in life.

It’s Fun

If you are seeking a challenging, fun, and safe sporting activity for yourself or your kid, then gymnastics is the answer! From flipping and tumbling to swinging and vaulting, our artistic gymnastics classes in Dubai are designed to help you explore the full potential of your body.


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    STAMINA 11 is a center for all, as we are catering for the kids gymnastics, we haven’t forgotten the grown-ups, you can choose from a variety of grown-up classes whether you fancy core development exercise or you want to polish your gymnastics skills, Stamina11 the place to be

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