How to Make Your Post-Training Diet Healthy?

Going through a strict regime or a heavy workout requires a lot of stamina, and your body should be able to cope with the rigorous exercise you perform regularly. Residents of Dubai and all across the UAE are health conscious and spend a minimum of an hour building their stamina and health through fitness routines. Whether it is a regular exercise routine, gymnastics, swimming, or martial arts for kids, eating foods rich in protein and carbohydrates is vital.

We all agree that the food that we eat has a direct impact on our body and hence choosing the right food helps in our physical activity. A post-training diet is equally vital as the warm-up and stretching sessions post workouts. These post-workout diets help to regain a body and rebuild muscle strength. If you haven’t planned a post-workout diet yet, read to how you can make your post workout diet healthy and certain food that are highly essential for your diet and body.

Carbs, Protein, and Fats- Add these three gold words to your post-workout diet to make it a healthy diet. These three elements allow the body to repair the muscle pain and to rebuild them.


Workouts break the proteins present in the muscles depending on the intensity of the exercise. Consuming protein post activities helps the body recover and replenish as proteins are the powerhouse of amino acids. Amino acids act as building blocks that help build new muscles in your body.

Foods rich in protein include animal products, like Beef, Chicken, fish, dairy products, Soya products, whole grains, lentils, nuts, and beans.

Healthy Food With Proteins, Fats, Carbs


People include fats in their diet post-exercise because they want to slow down their digestion process. Fats are equally important elements than the carbs and protein in your body. Unsaturated fats provide energy to the body and help absorb all the nutrients from the food. These must be consumed in the form of whole milk for better and effective results.

Examples of food rich in fats include Avocado, seeds, dried fruits, and nuts.


During every workout session, a tremendous amount of glycogen is burnt from your body. To restore these glycogen stores, one must consume carbs post workouts. The storage form of glycogen is glucose which consists of long strings of glucose molecules. These molecules are responsible for generating chemical energy and are used for muscle contractions. The best and most effective way to get this chemical energy back to action is by providing your body with glucose stores.

Examples of food rich in carbs include Oatmeal, Rice, Sweet potatoes, Pasta, Quinoa.

A proper intake of food rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and Fats can help your body muscles regain their strength and speed the recovery process post workouts. It doesn’t matter which activity you engage in, whether martial arts for adults, Zumba, or gymnastics for kids. Everyone needs a balanced diet post-workout. Give your body the nutrition it needs after a heavy workout and experience the change in your body.

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