Why Warm-up and Stretching Is Important?

Exercising is considered one of the healthiest ways to stay fit. Many gyms and yoga studio Dubai encourage people to make exercise a part of their daily routine. Regular workouts maintain the body and regulate blood flow. However, many people work out without proper guidance and without preparing for the exercises. Warm-up before training is considered very beneficial and helps the body in many ways. A good warm-up session for at least 10 minutes helps your body and muscles heat up, further avoiding any muscle tear or joint pains during the exercise. Warm-up stretches the muscles and helps release any knots in the muscles allowing a smooth yet effective exercise session. We often skip the first 10 mins of warm-up sessions and stretching because we do not understand its importance.

Here is a detailed explanation as to why you should warm up before your workout

Improves Blood flow

One of the primary reasons most fitness instructors and gyms encourage people to spend at least 10 mins to warm up before starting the exercise is because warm-ups improve the activity in the blood flow, thereby opening the blood capillaries. If you are a heart patient or suffer from high blood pressure problems, then a 10 mins slow warm-up or stretching is highly recommended for you. Perfect examples for warm-ups are slow cycling, reduced walking pace, or running for a minimum time of 10 minutes.

Prevents Injuries

Many times, we see people getting injured severely during or after their workout sessions. These injuries usually occur when people do not engage in warm-ups or stretching before their workout. Damages caused during workouts are severe and are at times irreparable. Hence it is advisable to spend at least 5 to 10 mins stretching the body muscles and allowing the blow flow. Some injuries are muscle tears, joint twists, or rips that are equally painful and difficult to fix. 

Calms Your Mind

If you are into heavy workouts, warming up or stretching before the workout sessions will calm your mind and prepare you for serious activity. Simple stretching exercises help the brain focus on the body and the body’s movement in the next couple of hours. It gives us time to figure out the reason why you are exercising in the first place. Once you warm up the muscles and release the tension, your body will automatically coordinate with the training techniques.

Increase Flexibility

Increase Flexibility

Flexibility is the key to a successful and rigorous exercise. Not many people are flexible while working out and hence experience numerous injuries and muscle pains. Jumping right into the workout can be dangerous to your body, and one can stretch to increase body flexibility before and after the workouts. Stretching before exercise releases excess tension, losing the muscles giving you enough flexibility to perform the workout. Stretching after the exercise helps your worked-out muscles to relax and contract back into their position.

Recovery Post-Workouts

When a person is doing cardio exercises or any heavy exercise, their body temperature rises, and muscles are tensed. The body produces lactic acids that need to be released from the system. All this process requires the body to stay calm and relaxed. Relaxation in stretching and light warm-up sessions helps the body retain its original temperature, thereby helping it recover post-workout. Examples of recovery post workouts are deep breathing, sitting in one position with eyes closed, or slow-paced walking.

Stay fit with warm-ups and stretching exercises before and after a workout or enjoy yoga for beginners Dubai for a healthy living.  

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