Does Karate Need a Comeback? 8 Effective Karate Techniques

Does Karate Need a Comeback? 8 Effective Karate Techniques

Karate is one of the most popular martial art forms. This art form gained immense popularity after the film “The Karate Kid” was released. Jackie Chan, one of the movie’s protagonists, was hugely popular in the 90s and the early 2000s and appeared in several action films, making Asian martial arts more popular among the masses.

However, Karate has become synonymous with Asian martial art forms. While there are many martial art forms, including Kung Fu, belt wrestling, and taekwondo, gymnastics for kids, the average person will categorize them as “karate.” Despite Asian art forms like Karate being made famous in the 90s and early 2000s, their popularity has since decreased. It may have been caused by less representation of Asian art forms on television or the introduction of new martial art forms like MMA (mixed martial arts). Let us have a look at some popular techniques to implement. You could also then consider a gymnastic class in Dubai.

The Back Fist

It is one of the sneakiest moves in Karate. A karateka must have a strong base and know about different punch moves before trying the back fist. The rear fist is the most underhanded, giving no reaction time to the opponent and taking them by surprise.

The Crane Kick

It is one of the unique Karate techniques used in “The Karate Kid.” Mae-Tobi-Geri, popularly known as the crane kick, is a flying kick that comes from a crane-like stance. While this technique can make a karateka vulnerable to several attacks, it can be effective if timed correctly.

The Backward Trip

Want your opponent to go tumbling down? Then this is the move for you. The inability to move back, with your leg in-between, combined with the backward motion from your arm around their neck, will help you break their firm stance.

One-Two Kick-Punch Combo

It is another sneaky Karate technique that you can use against your opponent. This technique is sneaky because the kick is a mere distraction and prevents your opponent from noticing the punch coming right after. It doesn’t matter if the kick lands correctly on your opponent; it will later help you to take your opponent by surprise.

One-Two Kick-Punch Combo

Forearm Strike

This technique is more than just clubbing someone with your forearm. As it is a very unexpected strike, it breaks the opponent’s equilibrium and is very hard to defend against.

Roundhouse Kick

It is another simple but effective karate technique. A karateka lifts their knee, makes a circular motion on their supporting feet, and extends the other leg in the form of a kick. The circular motion helps to generate a massive amount of power in the kick.

Super Hook Kick

It is a fast move where you kick your front leg without spinning and hit your opponent with your heel.

Karate Chop

Karate Chop, also known as knife hand strike, is the deadliest karate technique. A correctly placed karate chop can make your opponent unconscious. This technique is so deadly that they have been banned from martial art fights.

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