What Is the Best Age for Your Child to Start Gymnastics?

What Is the Best Age for Your Child to Start Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a great way to keep your little one fit and healthy right from their childhood. But, as a parent, you should be careful to decide the appropriate age for your child to get involved with various sports and exercises. Many individuals consider that the earlier you start taking part in aerobatics, the more flexible and fit one’s body will be. So, as a parent, are you finding it hard to decide the right age for your little ones to start their gymnastic lessons? Read on to learn more.

The Perfect Age To Start

There is no perfect age to start taking part in gymnastics. However, your little ones can begin their initial training at 2 years old. The little ones are allowed to start too early because they do not have a fear of falling at this stage in their lives. Their memory power is also strong at this stage, allowing the little ones to excel in aerobatics right from childhood. However, as a parent, you should know that some problems start this early. The little ones have a short attention span, which can lead to specific injuries. If your little one is not ready yet, there is no harm in starting late.

Age 3 To 5 Years

It is the right age where your little one can start diving into the world of gymnastics and learn basic skills. In this phase, the little ones are taught about balancing and ways to gain robustness. The little ones are taught the basic rules and disciplines they must follow. The little ones are taught all the fun activities associated with the game, so they fall in love with it and continue it for a lifetime. The main exercises included for this age group include jumping and mounting. As a parent, you can also participate with your little ones to keep them motivated.

Age 6 To 11 Years

If you prefer to admit your child at a later age, you can preferably start their training at 6 years old. The little ones in this age group will be placed in groups based on their talents rather than their ages. The youngsters with the same energy level and skills will be placed in their groups, and the training will be given accordingly. The basic skills associated with aerobatics, like handstands, forward rolls, and other simple moves, will be taught to your child. The youngsters in this age group will be trained to enhance their skills before jumping to the next level.

The Perfect Age To Start Gymnastics

Age 12 And Above Group

If your kid falls within this age group and has recently developed an interest in the game, you can also get them admitted at this age. Your youngster has to struggle to catch up with the other trained gymnasts in the same group. It surely does not mean your child has to give up his dream. Coaches in the gyms will give proper training to your kid and provide them with the correct form of exercise so that he can step up his game.


If your little one falls in the age group of 11 years, he can participate in the elite group for the juniors, while the older ones of age 16 can participate in the senior groups. This age group is valid for all international competitions and the Olympics. So, if your child is enthusiastic about the game right from childhood, you can easily give them a boost and provide all the assistance. Start looking for gymnastics classes Dubai today.

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