Kickboxing Vs. Boxing – Which is Better for You?

Those who want to start practicing martial arts have many options. Boxing and kickboxing are two of the best options. They both share a number of advantages that apply to everyday life. It can be difficult to decide which is superior if you’re trying to make that determination.

But which one should you choose? We’re here to help you with your decision thanks to my experience in both.

Rules of Both Sports

They are both similar in appearance – fought in a squared ring with a three-minute round and one-minute rest in between. In addition, both entail the use of boxing gloves and a scoring system.

While the punches are essentially the same, in kickboxing, you may see different styles of punches thrown in. The biggest difference, however, is the most obvious one: the involvement of kicks. They can use various techniques to score points, and the rules may change based on the organization.

The duration of each game also differs. Most kickboxing fights include 3-5 rounds, whereas boxing matches are at least ten rounds.

Equipment Used

While the equipment is the same, the only difference is in the footwear. Boxers must wear shoes during the match, whereas kickboxing doesn’t require them.


The way you punch your opponent and the moves you employ in the game are very similar. The main distinction is that to become proficient in kickboxing, you must learn various kicking techniques.

Boxing is a highly specialized sport that calls for you to master one particular punching technique. A kickboxer, however, needs to learn a wider range of abilities. The best kickboxer stance is to stand squarer because they are also taught to be cautious of kicks. It would be an easy target if you were to kickbox with your lead leg extended as a boxer.

Pros and Cons of Boxing

Boxing will be a great idea if you plan on making a career out of fighting sports. Moreover, it helps build strength and self-defense and teaches discipline and work ethics. It is not only a widely popular sport, but the players are known to be painful exuberantly.

When we talk about the cons, these are the very obvious ones. You don’t get to learn the different styles, and strict rules exist on how and where you can punch. Given the method and techniques involved, it can be dangerous, cause injuries, and is very limited in terms of boxing.,

Pros and Cons of Kickboxing

Like boxing, this is also a great sport for getting fit and feeling great. It helps build good stamina. Other benefits include learning different skills such as MMA or Muay Thai. You also learn to kick the right way, build strength and be able to balance on one leg. In terms of cons, this sport is not as popular as boxing. So, it might not be a good choice unless you’re planning to learn kickboxing in Dubai and play in another country.

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