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Yoga Pose to Help You Sleep Better

Yoga is a meditative workout that combines mindful breathing with physical movements. This form of action has its origins in Indian philosophy, which dates back more than 3000 years. Millions of individuals experience restlessness due to sleep apnea. According to a survey from 2011, many people suffer from this illness and fail to maintain a regular sleep schedule for long periods of time which eventually leads to health issues. Here we have mentioned a few yoga postures acknowledged by professional yoga teachers. Choose one or two of these poses before hitting your bed if you’re having trouble sleeping:

While Sitting, Release Your Shoulders

Sit in a comfortable pose, including on a soft cushion if desired. A posture like this is particularly beneficial for releasing shoulder and neck muscle tension. It is only a mild muscular tension-releasing exercise that will conclude with a delicate release, so you don’t have to stretch all the way. In addition, it will help you loosen your jaw a bit for those who clench their teeth at night. To do so, wrap your right hand around your back and hold your left hand with it while moving your head both ways slowly.

Butterfly Pose 

To begin with, this posture, take deep breaths 10 to 20 times while you rest your back and hips on the ground (a yoga mat). My hands are usually placed on my stomach or on the sides. Place a cushion underneath your back if you require more support.

Stretch Your Back 

Some jobs require you to stand for the whole day, which makes your feet and back swell and thus become painful. Allow your back to rest for a few moments with this Pose. With your back straight, curve your knees and twist for 10 seconds on the right and then 10 seconds on the left on the mattress. If you have the habit of randomly rotating in bed, try this stance. It could be advantageous. This pose stretches and relaxes your chest too.

Head To The Knee Posture

Spine, hips, and hamstrings are stretched in this pose. Forward bends help in calming the body. Your back will also feel relaxed and extended. Change this position to your liking and see how it feels. Sometimes it is difficult to reach a foot with hands. In this scenario, wrap a strap around it and bend your back.

Supported Child Posture

Supported Child Posture

Child’s pose is a recommended stress-relieving pose by experts when you practice it daily. It causes your body to go through restorative processes. When you do this before going to bed, your PNS (parasympathetic system) activates, relaxing your mind and body. To make it more comforting, you can raise your body a little higher.

Pose With Legs Against The Wall

This posture is ideal for people with back problems. Just relax and raise your feet against the wall. It increases blood circulation and lymph flow. Do this when lying on your side and bringing your hips towards the wall. Now push yourself closer, raise your hips higher, and put a pillow underneath your back. Use these simple yet powerful yoga poses for beginners in Dubai to aid you in sleeping better and longer, so you can wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated. These poses not only aid in the treatment of sleep disorders but also in the management of other undesirable behaviors such as teeth grinding, back pain, and muscle stress.

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