Warm-up Tips for the Cool Season

The Winter season brings along a cool breeze and some icy chills. Not all can withstand the cool season. Many health problems come along with the winter—health issues like Rheumatism, arthritis, mild joint pains, etc. Aged people are the most hit by the cold season.

However, some people love the winter months. They love the feeling of a cool breeze hitting their face, and the cold morning days make one lazy. Fitness enthusiasts must work out a lit extra during the winter season to keep the body temperate warm. All must try these warm-up exercises for a cool winter morning. Settling to a warm-up routine will increase the blood flow enabling your body to work better. There is Yoga for beginners in Dubai that one can enroll in. Yoga can be very effective in keeping your body and mind calm during the cool season. Here’s why you need to warm up.

To Keep Your Muscles Warm

Our body muscles become cold during the winter, and they cannot function better. These muscles then numb our body parts, thereby restricting our body movement. The nerves present in our muscles make it difficult to move our muscles. We often apply a warm compress to loosen our muscles when we get hurt. The warm compress regulates blood flow, thereby activating the nerves. 

Warm-Ups Can Reduce Injury

Most of the pain we experience during the winter is of the injury we had while playing a game or the accident we had some time back. These injuries create striking pain, thereby interrupting the daily chores. If you add daily warm-ups to your routine, like jogging, stretching, etc., these injuries can reduce drastically. It will relieve the pain when you do a warm-up during the cool season. 

Warm-Ups Increase Body Flexibility

Warm-Ups Increase Body Flexibility

How cool it would be if your body were as flexible as to when you were a child. Having a flexible body means less pain to the body when doing work. When our body is rigid, any heavy lifting or bending to lift something can cause a sprain in our joints and muscles. Therefore it is important to have a flexible body. Warm-up can increase body flexibility by 40%. However, it takes a lot of time, energy, and dedicated workouts to get a flexible body. Some of the warm-ups you can try for a flexible body are stretching, side lunges, etc. 

Here is a list of some exercises you can do to keep your body warm during the winter.

Dynamic Stretches: are motion movements to warm up your joints and muscles. These are perfect before you start a rigorous workout. Dynamic stretches include walking lunges, leg swings, and so on. If you want to get deeper into the warming process, you can choose the Dynamic warm-up program.

Jogging: Taking a walk or jogging in the morning can be considered one of the healthy habits one can adopt. However, based on your health condition, you can choose the pace of jogging.

Jumping Jacks: This exercise reminds me of the school days when children jumped around pretending to be butterflies. Swinging your arms in the air and jumping at the same time is one of the warm-up exercises to keep your body warm.

Walking Knee Hugs: In this warm-up activity, one has to take significant steps and walk with their knees touching the chest. Pull the knee towards your chest while walking. Ensure you do it slowly as per your pace.

Arm Circles: Swing your arms in a circular motion in one direction.

Back Peddling is the most complex yet straightforward exercise where one has to jog in the backward direction. Ensure you do it in an open space with less crowd to avoid bumping into people.

Yoga: If you are looking for less activity and more relaxation warm-up, then Yoga in Dubai is the best option for you.

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