Ultimate Guide to Understanding Artistic Gymnastics

Ultimate Guide to Understanding Artistic Gymnastics

The three most crucial characteristics in artistic gymnastics are balance, agility, and coordination. Ground drills, balancing acts, and performances on solid parallel bars, vaulting horses, and rings are all part of the activity. It is a noted fact that people who perform gymnastics have more poise, responsiveness, and strength. Gymnastics has been around for a while and is known to create synchronization between the mind and body. It is proven beneficial to both children and adults, both physically and psychologically. In UAE, learning this form of gymnastics has been in demand as most parents have started enrolling their kids in early artistic gymnastics learning. Continue reading as we help you gain a better understanding of this sport.

For Women


Known to be the first part of gymnastics in the Olympics, it entails performing a leap over a shape that is designed to resemble a horse. They will run, accumulate momentum as they approach the tool, bounce off the springboard, and as the name suggests, vault over it with their hands on the tool.

Uneven Parallel Bars

Uneven bars are tools used in women’s gymnastics. This is the second part of the exercise after performing a vault. Although hanging and swinging exercises predominate, it allows for a wide range of movements. During this, the performer aspires to be smooth and use both bars equally.

Balancing Shaft

The beam has a mysterious quality to it. Many people are fascinated by gymnasts’ ability to balance, perform acrobatic sequences with or without flight components, and do gymnastic jumps and turns on apparatus. It’s a workout that needs flexibility, as well as concentration, rhythm, and expression.


As the name suggests, floor gymnastics are done on the ground level without any usage of equipment. The volunteer must perform on set music of 90 seconds with athletic movements set in dance choreography. The utilization of the floor is a must, and depending upon the correct postures of jumping, and leaping marks are scored.

For Men


Rings, sometimes known as still rings, is an equipment that consists of two small circles hanging from an overhead support by straps and held by the gymnast while doing various exercises.

Rings for Men

Pommel Horse

In this, the gymnast holds the pommels over the horse with his hands and performs maneuvers with his trunk and legs without stopping, such as single or double leg circles and leg crosses (scissors).

Parallel Bars

This routine entails swinging above and below bars in an acrobatic flying motion. Changing directions and maintaining the perfect balance are all part of it, culminating in a dramatic dismount off the side or end of the bars.

High Bar

On a high bar, a gymnast must perform a string of swings and get off. There must also be one set of in-bar skills and a single aspect of El-grip, rear ways, or dorsal fall.

In Conclusion

Gymnastics requires a lot of dedication and stamina. If you want to train in artistic gymnastics in Dubai, you can enroll yourself in the nearest studio and learn the excellent art form. Here are a few types of artistic gymnastics for your reference.

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