Tips to Keep Your Martial Arts Classes Safe

Sports have a specific element of risks; however, these elements are higher with martial arts because of its various techniques. Martial art professionals and instructors have certain things they must be careful about, especially for their students, to avoid serious injuries. Martial arts are an excellent sport that helps you connect with your mind and body, so if your child seems interested, you may consider martial arts for kids’ class.

There are five simple steps to follow to maintain the class’s safety.

Right Gear

Make sure that the students are wearing protective equipment. Students usually have specific protective gear; however, you must ensure they have all of it. Depending on the type of martial art taught, protective gear must be worn. However, certain essentials must be worn. Headgear is primary as it protects the head from concussion or brain injuries. A mouth guard is essential to prevent damaging the teeth and also avoid concussions. Wraps must be worn because they help keep the wrist safe from fractures. If a student wears spectacles, they would require safety glasses to prevent any damage to the eyes. During karate, kickboxing, etc., training, shin guards and cups are used. It is essential to keep the knees padded, and ear guards must be worn.

Prior Risk Assessment for the Class

Prior Risk Assessment for the Class

Before every class, a risk assessment must be conducted to avoid claims on any incidents. Certain information is essential and must be included in the risk assessment. They include:

  • Control measures are maintained to reduce hazards.
  • The person at risk, their level of experience, as well as their physical ability.
  • On a scale of one to ten, the risk factors for potential hazards and the likelihood of their occurrence
  • Potential hazards include falling, tripping, and slipping.

It would be excellent if you could make a questionnaire and give every participant, helping you assess the numerous risks that could include illnesses, pre-existent injuries, etc. To avoid damages, you must have a routine that consists of a good warmup. It is essential while training participants to kick or to punch.

Numerous research studies have proven that when muscles are cold, they do not stretch entirely to a full range of motion. Therefore, warming up will help to improve the flow of blood to all the muscles, thus, increasing agility and strength. The students can also practice specific techniques at great speed, avoiding injury and reducing claims. Before you begin, you must dedicate 5 minutes to a proper warmup incorporating jogging, jumping, and more.

There are also specific questions that you must consider:

  • Which steps will you take for the safety of the students?
  • Will you be regularly incorporating reviews?
  • During activities, will the students be supervised?
  • Do you have clear techniques to highlight concerns about specific unacceptable behavior, mainly by the staff?

If you are interested, you could easily find martial arts for adults  classes in Dubai and across the UAE.

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