Tips to Keep Your Gymnastic Kid Safe

Gymnastics is a vigorous sport that requires immense stamina and can help make your body flexible and stay in shape. However, the sight of your little ones attempting to spin around the bar or swing from the ring a few feet above the ground may seem frightening to parents. Gymnastics involves some risks of injuries if not performed appropriately and with care. At a younger age, their bones, muscles, and joints are tender and are still developing. It is highly essential to take essential precautions to avoid significant injuries. Here are seven measures to keep your little ones safe during gymnastics.

Warm-up and stretch

Before any rigorous gymnastic activity, it is highly essential to wake up the muscles and body. Directly performing the gymnastic routine without releasing the tight muscles can lead to strains. Quick exercises such as jumping jacks, jogging in the same place, and stretching can help de-stress the muscles and increase the blood flow.

Flexible clothing

Gymnastics involves a high level of bending, twisting, turning, and quick movements. So, it is essential to dress your young gymnast in clothes made of very flexible material that can allow them to move their entire body freely.

Safety gears

Various wearables are available, such as wrist pads/ braces, guards, and grips to solidify the kids’ hold over bars and rings. This equipment can help avoid blisters due to prolonged performance as well as prevent sprains, strains, and other injuries. Rubber sole shoes can be used to avoid slipping while performing on balance beams. Other gymnastic shoes and heel support can help maintain feet safety and absorb pressure while landing during vaulting.

Professional instructor

Choose the gymnastic class wisely, with professional and learned instructors holding certification in gymnastics. A knowledgeable coach will keep your kid safe during the activity and regularly check to improve their form and technique. The instructors must also be friendly for the kids to match their spirit easily.

Professional instructor

Check for minor injuries

As kids tend to ignore or forget to inform about any falls or sprained ankles, wrists, or foot injuries, it is essential to inquire and spot it early. If left ignored, minor hairline fractures could escalate to severe injuries. Hence, make it a daily habit to ask your kid about their routine and if they are facing little discomfort in their arms, feet, or back.

Proper nutrition

Gymnastic acts require stronger muscles and incredible energy for performing various body balancing postures with ease. Poor nutrition and lack of calories can cause weaknesses in the kid and affect their performance. As gymnastics is a high-pressure activity, feeding kids a protein-rich diet can prevent injury and heal any minor wear and tear.

Use a correct mat

Mats or even gymnastic carpets act as a safe landing material, preventing any knee or ankle injury caused by a fall. As kids tend to be highly vulnerable to ankle twists’ injuries or shock on wrists, it is highly essential to ensure the mats are protective and can support the kid’s body. The carpets should be non-slippery to stay intact throughout the practice session.

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