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Artistic gymnastics is a dynamic sport involving special routines and equipment specially designed for the sport. This form is one of the well-known disciplines among other ones and has gained popularity in recent times. It’s a sport consisting of both fun and fitness. The right amount of guidance and training by professional trainers is required. In addition to this, an appropriate diet helps enhance the experience. Artistic gymnastics Dubai brings with it the perfect environment for learning and practicing for gymnastics enthusiasts. You get sessions curated according to your needs, be it kids or adults. The experts help you enjoy the process while also improving your skills. Here are the highlights of the program.

Customized Classes

The classes are shaped keeping in mind the goals an individual has to achieve and their body. The classes are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced. The beginners are taught at their own pace patiently. Their potential is first understood, and then they are helped with their needs. Intermediate classes are for those who show interest in professional sports and are keen to learn. Advanced classes are for competitive gymnasts who are open to new challenges.


With the unique feedback scheme, your progress is mapped right from the beginning of your journey. This helps keep track of your performance and thus upgrade it.


Along with suitable training, accurate nutrition is also important to provide sufficient energy for the process. It is necessary to intake proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Vitamins and minerals are equally essential.  Water intake and the amount of sleep is also taken into consideration while forming the ideal diet plan.

Apparatus Used

Apparatus Used

There is various equipment which makes the execution of this sport more interesting. The women’s program includes the use of uneven bars, vault, beam, and floors. There are rings, pommel horses, horizontal and parallel bars, vault, and floor for men. The degree of difficulty and the execution skill accompanied with apparatus is what makes the sport stand out.


There are several benefits. Some of them include boosting your confidence, thus benefiting your overall personality, increased flexibility, gaining a strong core, improving balance coordination and focus in your body, enhancing strength, and giving you that endorphin rush.

Kids Gymnastics

Gymnastic class for kids is highly beneficial. Practicing this sport helps to have a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating this right from a young age aids in developing it, and through this, kids develop a strong personality. At the same time, it also paves a path for them to explore the sport competitively.

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