At Stamina11, we provide adult gymnastics classes in Dubai, covering strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Our program is open to both beginners and ex-gymnasts who wish to remain fit and lead an active lifestyle. Available to those of you who are 18 and above, our certified group of gymnastic trainers delivers a fully structured but relaxed class with equal focus on fun and fitness. Our adult gymnastics and acrobatics classes start with a highly structured warmup, followed by the teaching of basics across all apparatus. From trampets and trampolines to vaults and AirTrack, our gymnastic studio is well-equipped and provides you with ample opportunity to have fun while improving your skills. For more information about our adult gymnastics classes in Dubai, get in touch with our team today!

Our Offerings

Beginners Classes

Our adult beginner gymnastics classes, as suggested by its name, is tailored to the needs of those who are new to the sport. We provide an environment in which gymnasts can learn the art at their own pace.

Intermediate Classes

Our intermediate gymnastics classes are ideal for those who have some background in the sport or beginners who have shown progress at the primary level and are ready to take on a better challenge.

Advanced Classes

Our competitive gymnastics classes are ideal for adults who wish to become or continue as competitive gymnasts. The classes are overseen by qualified coaches and are open to all abilities and experiences.

Key Areas of Focus



With consistent training, gymnasts will gain the confidence to perform basic moves with ease and advance to the next gymnastics skill level. Progression to a higher level of training is an exciting part of the process and will boost confidence.



We specialize in providing training routines customized to ensure that you are equipped with the right tools to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. The program is designed to challenge you every step of the way until you fully excel in the sport.



In order to develop lean muscles, it is important to include fruits, vegetables, and protein in the diet and thereby get the required vitamins and minerals. Our diet plans also focus on daily water intake and sleep to make sure they are within the recommended range.



Gymnastics not only helps in strengthening your core and increasing your flexibility, but it also helps in shaping your confidence. Through carefully charted training routines, we equip our students with the confidence they need to use everyday situations to their advantage.

Benefits of Adults Gymnastics

Through our adult gymnastics and acrobatics classes in Dubai, we bring to you a tailored workout program that will challenge your mind, push your limits, and place you outside your comfort zone. Classic gymnastics bodyweight strength moves are spread across key focus areas such as core strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Listed are some of the significant benefits of practicing gymnastics:

  • Gymnastics is a fun sport that will bring out the child in you.
  • From improving upper body strength to core control and plyometric power, gymnastics works the entire body.
  • Helps to improve flexibility and build a strong core.
  • Helps to boost self-confidence.
  • It challenges both the mind and body, leaving you with a sense of satisfaction followed by an endorphins rush like no other!

Adult Gymnastics & Acrobatics – FAQ

What can I wear?

Like any other physical activity, participants should wear clothing in which they feel comfortable. Shorts, t-shirt, leggings, and tracksuit bottoms are our recommendations.

What is the minimum age for adult gymnastics?

18 years old!

How much are the classes?

Get in touch with us, and we’ll brief you in detail on the prices and class schedules.

What does a typical training session entail?

While activities typically included within training sessions can vary based on the experience and fitness level of the participants, all sessions typically include warm-up routines, actual training, and stretching post the workout.


We are ready to guide you all the way through and put you on the right path. Let us know what you have in mind and we will gladly assist you.

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