Improve Your Handstand Technique with This Helpful Guide

It can feel very uncomfortable for non-gymnasts to try a handstand for the first time as adults unless they have been doing it since childhood. It’s commendable if you ever manage to do a handstand. While in Dubai, you can witness plenty of health enthusiasts doing varied exercises every evening. Doing handstands and achieving success on your first go may seem quite difficult. It’s likely that your form is lacking, which is why you flop around and fall every time you try a freestanding handstand. When you master the form, you’ll be astonished at how quickly your handstands will improve. Like everything else, you’ll improve as you keep going. For all the yoga for beginners Dubai, these seven tips will help you achieve a solid handstand.

Stretch Upper Body

It is essential to warm up your upper body first since your entire body weight will be on your shoulders, arms and palm. Warming up by stretching will help reduce the stiffness and prepare your body for a smooth transition and build strength for the next step. It will also aid in avoiding any physical injury caused due to sudden weight on hand or shoulder muscles.

Functioning Of Palm

As the palm is the most concentrated part of a successful handstand, it becomes necessary to practice placing your palms correctly and creating a perfect base with your hand.

Body Drills

To perform a strong handstand, your core needs to be strong, for which one can practice hollow body exercises and correct the posture of the body. These exercises will tone your body and provide more control, due to which any curved posture during the stunt will be avoided.


Get Upside Down

As they say, Rome was not built in one night; a perfect handstand can’t be achieved at once. It’ll require tremendous practice. One can start by inverting them in the basic position and warm up until your body is used to this motion.

Squeeze Glutes

While performing a handstand, entire body muscles are engaged, and to master this form, one must squeeze their glutes and thighs for better hold and balance.

Arms and Ear Close

When mastered the inverted position, the individual must remember to keep their arms close to their ears and push away from the ground, gaining a straight line and not colliding with shoulders first.

Don’t Leap

Even if you feel confident performing handstands, remember that your upper body is still getting used to carrying the weight on your hands and needs time. So do not practice a stand without any support in the early days. Handstand is one of the forms which is taught in yoga Dubai classes. If you are looking for the best yoga classes, click here.

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