How Hip Mobility Prevents You from Reaching Your Full Potential

Whether you are active by performing Yoga in Dubai or idle, the hips form a prominent area of the body that suffers from various problems. Tight hips tend to be a major source of lower back pain and, in some cases, pain in knees, and hence it is important to pay more attention to this area than they currently receive. However, it is much unknown fact that tight hips could be keeping you from reaching your maximum deadlift strength, sprinting speed, Olympic weightlifting power, and growth potential.

Reasons of Tightening Hips

Any toddler may attest to the fact that we didn’t get tight hips when we were born. When a kid has to pick up something like a toy laying on the floor, he or she does not hinge at their hips like an adult but instead descends into a gorgeous squat in a simple motion. It even tends to be a fun relaxing position for kids! Anyone who has done CrossFit’s “Sally” will clearly know that when you’re an adult, the bottom part of the squat is no more a rest position.

What makes Us hip-mobile?

We spend a lot of time stuck sitting on the bottoms, which is the largest muscle present in our body. The current sitting position makes the glutes weak and restricts the hip flexors, requiring overcompensation in varied positions from the lower back and knees that helps in gaining a range of motion, strength, and power.

Importance of Hip Mobility

Hip joint movements are majorly important considering the various performance offered by a person’s body. In addition, it is also a major cause of discomfort and injury that’s compensated of the knees and lower back.

Increased Flexibility

Those that use their entire range of motion can be termed as the most powerful lifters. When a person engages their muscles correctly, compound exercises become considerably easier. Flexibility can also be beneficial in Olympic lifts, such as the clean and jerk: the ability to hurl yourself beneath the bar means the weight travels a shorter distance, requiring less work.

Improved Tension

Improved Tension

If you are able to squat deeper than this can provide additional driving power by generating tension in the muscles that are been stretched. This is extremely useful for plyometric activities, including box jumps or to explode up.

More Output

With mobile hips, you’ll be able to engage your glutes as well as hip flexors effectively, that allows for a powerful hip extension, which is essential for a variety of exercises, such as kettlebell swings, Olympic lifts, squats, and other tough movements.

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