Five Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women

Yoga is the best way to get connected to the needs of your body, especially during pregnancy. Several research studies show that if a pregnant woman feels low or stressed out, prenatal yoga can soothe many pregnancy problems. Dubai houses some of the best yoga institutes with world-class facilities that assist with pre-natal and post-natal yoga exercises for the well-being of women. Yoga in Dubai has become very popular over the years and is evolving its scientific values for the betterment of several individuals.

Pregnancy is one such phase of life where a woman can avail herself of several opportunities made available to her. Yoga can help a lot, and here are a few poses of yoga that can prove to be beneficial during pregnancy.

The Bound Angle Pose

It helps in opening up the hips and thigh portions, making childbirth easier. It eases the overall tired tissues of the body and also helps with swollen feet. It also strengthens the knees so that the pregnant woman can easily balance her weight during pregnancy.

The Chair Pose

Chair pose is a standing posture that helps to tone the thighs and other parts of the body. It strengthens the back and the legs, which at times can be challenging. The name itself indicates the position of the pose. It also gets your hips and legs ready for stable childbirth without creating many problems.

The Cat-Dog Pose

The position relieves backaches and increases the flexibility of the spine throughout the entire pregnancy. Ensure that your body is aligned correctly for the exercise for maximum benefit. The cat-dog position is the most beneficial during pregnancy, no matter what trimester you are in. The exercise stretches from 30 seconds to one minute, but in case you experience any pain, try not to exert yourself.

The Cat-Dog Pose


Squatting is ideal at any stage during pregnancy. It helps in widening the pelvic area, which can prove to be beneficial during labor. Doctors don’t recommend squatting if the pregnant woman has a low-lying placenta. No matter which exercise you do, ensure that you breathe in and out correctly and stay connected to your body.

Corpse Pose

Who doesn’t like just lying down like a corpse doing nothing and yet meditating on the child growing within you? It’s the most comfortable position while performing yoga. It is ideal as a way to release stress, anxiety, and depression of any kind during pregnancy. All you need to do is simply relax and lie down as if you are preparing to sleep. Stay in the position as long as you want, unless you feel any aches, pains, or cramps.

To Conclude

Pregnancy includes mood swings and hormonal changes. Yoga is the best way to release most of your stress during pregnancy. Also, the bodily changes that happen can cause stress and depression for most women. Experts at several yoga classes in Dubai will assist you through the exercises, helping you to calm down all your pregnancy issues.

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