Convert from I Have to Exercise To I Want to Exercise

Though the idea of exercising regularly amongst most aware and healthy individuals has gained prominence, some people still feel demotivated to do the same. You might want to have a toned body, but the thought of exercising consistently can force you to give up your dream. However, exercising every day is not that tedious. Instead, you must follow specific guidelines to develop a solid determination to exercise. It would help if you never made exercising a compulsion. Remember, what you do by compulsion is not what you love doing. Thus, the key is to love exercising to develop a solid motivation to exercise regularly. Here are a few ways to change your attitude towards exercise and overcome the reluctance of exercising regularly.

Start Easy

One of the primary reasons most feel reluctant about exercising every day is the challenging and rigorous exercises they select. It is crucial to make exercising fun. It would be best to start with healthy yet easy activities and think of ways to make them attractive. For instance, you must try joining the same yoga classes Dubai as your friends. It would help you continue such activities over a more extended period and also develop interest.

Start Easy

Avoid A Rigorous Attitude

The first and the most crucial thing to remember is avoiding a rigorous attitude. Remember, it is vital to take little steps towards healthy -living and exercising regularly. Every yoga studio Dubai promotes such an attitude. Make sure to visit the yoga class even on days when you cannot do much. Remember getting habituated is more important than actually doing a lot over a short span. It is not mandatory to try out painful physical exercises. Remember, doing something is better than doing nothing.

Self-Compassion Is Crucial

Most studies reveal self-compassion is the key to a healthy life. Thus, it is crucial to love and accept your body the way it is. Remember, physical health is not essential alone. Instead, you must have a positive mind, love your body, and be compassionate towards yourself to gain significant results. Self-compassion is also crucial for developing strong willpower. Thus, do not force rough and tough exercises on your body. Instead, do what your body can sustain and try improving it.

Create Short-Term Goals

It would help if you avoided long-term and complex goals as soon as you started exercising. Of course, you cannot achieve these at one. Thus, it is best to create short-term goals. Such goals help you achieve them quickly and motivate you to work harder. Higher goals might lead to failure and demotivate you, and it might affect your love for exercising regularly. It would also be best to create a monthly list of goals that you would achieve. Doing ti=his would increase your efficiency in exercising regularly.


With the growth in people’s awareness about healthy eating and living, the practice of exercising every day has also increased exponentially. Remember, you need not visit a gym or a yoga class to exercise regularly. You can also practice a few DIY exercises at home. However, it would be best to join a professional gym or yoga center to ensure exercising under proper guidance. It would help if you also began with light and exciting exercises to get into the habit of exercising regularly.

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