Common Mistakes to Avoid While Performing Yoga

Yoga is a natural way to uplift your physical and mental health. The amazing benefits of this workout will want you to join yoga classes Dubai. But choosing the right place with a certified teacher ensures you get the full benefits of the exercise. Performing yoga under proper guidance will also help prevent injuries and strains. There is no single perfect way of doing yoga as it may differ according to the body nature and characteristics. As in a class of many fellow performers, it will be difficult for the teacher to give personal attention to every student. However, some common yoga mistakes can be prevented to be safe while doing yoga.

Alignment Issue

Keeping your body parts properly aligned is essential to ensure that the muscles are stretched and toned perfectly. For instance, in warrior pose, the knee joints are in action. While moving the legs inwards and forward, the leg should be kept straight and not tilted. You should maintain the knees properly at the level of the ankle to avoid tightness in the knee, pain and other serious knee issues. Other yoga poses as Triangle pose and the Half-moon pose, if not done right, can cause severe strain in shoulder joints and wrist.

Alignment Issue

Improper Breathing

Shallow breathing that doesn’t reach the belly and, in fact, your lungs often leads to your body being tensed and inactive. Breathing should be performed with proper concentration to ensure it reaches down to your belly, ensuring sufficient oxygen supply to the complete body and your complex nervous system. This will also help in maintaining the body in a relaxed state to perform each pose better. 

Hyper-extension of Joints

The flexibility of your body parts is one of the important aspect or effect of performing yoga. However, ensuring that you don’t put extra stress on your body muscles or joints is crucial. Causing hypertension on your arms, legs, ankles and shoulders with excessive weight or holding a yoga pose for long can have serious aftereffects on those body muscles. 

Missing Your Core

Many-a-times, yoga performers may often forget their belly muscles that may highly pressurize the hips and lower back. In every yoga pose, you should always be mindful of your belly fats and pull them properly inward to effectively engage your core in the yoga practice. 

Forceful Movements

The basic rule in yoga is to perform every move with ease as it is essential to be careful with each muscle and body parts. While starting any yoga pose or releasing it, you should always keep in mind to be smooth and slow. 

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